5 Must-See Shows at SeaWorld Orlando for an Unforgettable Trip

Curious to know what it takes to be a rescuer at SeaWorld! Get ready to take a dip behind the scenes with the experts.

With this unique experience, you will get behind the scenes into the work necessary to maintain a top zoological facility like SeaWorld Orlando.

Hear and witness firsthand the efforts they put into providing world-class animal care from the people who do it every day.

You can enjoy a variety of presentations and animal care specialist talks throughout the day.

And learn about the animal species living at the park, watch live animal demonstrations, and participate in the best shows in SeaWorld Orlando. 

Note: Orlando SeaWorld show times are subject to change, so it’s always better to check the opening hours to know the up-to-date SeaWorld Orlando Show schedule before planning your visit.

Orca Show SeaWorld Orlando 

Orca Show SeaWorld Orlando
Image: Wikipedia.org

Watch killer whales in action at an exciting presentation featuring the ocean’s most deadly predator.

SeaWorld Orlando Orca Show is an up-close educational experience featuring live presentations, interactive activities and a unique opportunity to get close to the whales.

Get the chance to observe the whales and their behaviours from a unique underwater viewing area.

You can also experience this show of a lifetime right on your dinner plate with Dine next to killer whales and savour every bite with an unforgettable view.

Check out SeaWorld Orlando Orca show times to ensure you don’t miss this majestic encounter.

SeaWorld Orlando Dolphin Show

SeaWorld Orlando Dolphin Show
Image: Mynews13.com

Join the Bottlenose Dolphin journey in the Stadium and explore the exciting world of dolphins you haven’t experienced before at Dolphin Show SeaWorld Orlando.

Playful and smart, found right off the coast of Florida, are well-known Ocean ambassadors at SeaWorld Orlando.

Explore how these joyful bottlenose dolphins live in the waters of Florida beaches, discover their natural habits, and describe the risks they encounter in the wild.

Sea Lion & Otter Spotlight

Sea Lion & Otter Spotlight
Image: Clickorlando.com

The show will take you on an unforgettable educational journey through the Pacific Point Marine Conservation Center, a habitat of sea lions and harbour seals.

During the show, you will join two characters as they tour the facility and learn about their skills, behaviours, conservation efforts, and threats these animals face in the wild.

Sea Lion Show SeaWorld Orlando will stay with you long after you leave SeaWorld, and it is an incredibly informative and delightful tour.

Accessibility: Wheelchair users can enter the theatre using the left or right side of the entrances. 
Seating is available in the first row.  For assistance, please consult a member of the team. For more details, check out the accessibility guide.

Sesame Street Party Parade

Sesame Street Party Parade
Image: Playgroundmagazine.com

Get ready to groove with your favourite fuzzy friends at the most fabulous party on the wheels.

Whether young or old, everyone will be swept away by the catchy beats and vibrant floats as Elmo, Big Bird, and the gang put on an unforgettable spectacle on World famous street.

Explore the iconic neighbourhood as you walk through Abby Cadabby’s garden, stop by Big Bird’s Nest, visit Mr Hooper’s store, sit on the famous 123 stoops and meet your favourite friends from Sesame Street Parade.


Let your kids experience the blast of fun with various thrilling rides, vibrant colours and toe-tapping tunes at Sesame Street Parade.

  • Abby’s Flower Tower 

With a wave of Abby Cadabby’s wand, you’ll be whisked away in colourful flower pots aboard Abby’s Flower Tower!

  • Big Bird’s Twirl ‘n’ Whirl

Prepare to spin in your own nest when you enjoy Big Bird’s Twirl ‘N’ Whirl.

  • Cookie Drop

Bounce up and down in a cloud of cookie crumbs on Cookie Monster’s Cookie Drop!

  • Elmo’s Choo Choo Train

Everyone is welcome to board Elmo’s Choo Choo Train, a fun interactive train ride with the horn honking and bell ringing.

  • Slimey’s Slider

Get inside Slimey’s Slider for a thrilling swoop and swivel ride through Oscar the Grouch’s treasured compost collection!

  • Super Grover’s Box Car Derby

For a thrilling time at Super Grover’s Box Car Derby, the furry superhero from Sesame Street wants you to take the wheel.

  • Rubber Duckie Water Works

Have the splashiest fun with Ernie and Rubber Duckie at Rubber Duckie Water Works!

  • Rosita’s Harmony Hills

You can have a good time at Rosita’s Harmony Hills by crawling, climbing, playing on the rolling hills, using instruments, and creating your own musical symphony.

  • Sunny Day Carousel

Have fun riding on a vibrant carousel with various animals enclosed in a glass dome, decorated with a stunning crystal chandelier, and played with enchanting music.

Interactive Play

Interactive Play
Image: Seaworld.com

Sesame Street Land offers interactive experiences around every corner.

Test your skills by playing a game in the bicycle shop window, or you can have a  wacky washing adventure doing laundry at the laundrette.

Let your imagination run wild at the Community Center by creating your own monster.

Speak into one end of the pipe telephone to hear your voice change into a friendly monster voice.

You can also help Cookie Monster and Gonger prepare delicious food at the Foodie Truck if you’re a foodie.

Meet and Greet, and Photo Opportunities

Meet and Greet, and Photo Opportunities
Image: Orlandofunideas.com

Make memories with your favourite furry friends in a fun meet-and-greet photo opportunity.

You will get exclusive one-on-one time with Elmo, and don’t forget to visit Cookie Monster. Let your creativity flow as you create the perfect photo souvenir!

Note: Check out Sesame Street Land at SeaWorld Orlando for more details. Book tickets to these majestic shows at SeaWorld Orlando, making your summers more special.

Check out SeaWorld Orlando tickets for the best deals and buying options.

Featured Image: SeaWorld.com

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