SeaWorld Orlando Sesame Street Land’s 5th Birthday Celebration

Excited to visit Sesame Street Land! Well, there’s some great news for you. 

This year, on its 5th birthday, SeaWorld is going all out to celebrate this occasion in style. 

SeaWorld Orlando is starting a bunch of fun events for kids from January 27-28 with the brand-new Just for Kids Weekend.

You will be surrounded by loads of fun with interactive activities, chances to snap photos with characters, and live shows.

Just for Kids Weekend

Just for Kids Weekend features live shows, picture opportunities with characters, and thrilling activities at the SeaWorld Rescue Center, ensuring nonstop fun for all.

The fun starts right at the entrance with photo ops with The SeaWorld Crew, including Coral, Sydney, Shivers, and Puck.

Kids will dive into the brand-new Rescue junior activity at the Rescue Center, where they’ll get to meet and interact with the SeaWorld Rescue Dive Team. 

To make this family-fun event even more exciting, you will also get the chance to meet the YouTube stars Blippi and Meekah.

Blippi and Meekah

Meet Blippi and Meekah at Nautilus Theater

Don’t miss out on meeting the beloved children’s characters, Blippi and Meekah, on 27 and 28 January.
They will host several FREE meet-and-greet sessions at the Nautilus Theater all weekend. 
Space is limited, so make sure to book your spot ahead of time. 

Sesame Street Land’s 5th Birthday Celebration

It’s time to party for Sesame Street Land’s 5th Birthday.

Dive into this fun celebration, including the ALL-NEW Sesame Street Birthday Parade, a tasty Birthday Breakfast Bash, and special meet-and-greets with Sesame Street characters.

The Sesame Street Land 5th Birthday Celebration comes with thrilling features like: 

Birthday Breakfast Bash

Birthday Breakfast Bash

This fun-filled experience featuring a delicious buffet breakfast with your Sesame Street friends will delight kids and parents alike. Savor classic breakfast dishes and join in on fun singing and dancing. 
Starting at $20 per child and $34 per adult for reservations, you can book your spot for the Birthday Bash Breakfast on their website.
The Birthday Breakfast Bash will take place at SeaFire Grill on Saturday, 27 January and Sunday, 28 January, starting at 9 am. 
During the period from 3 February to 28 April, it will take place only on Saturdays.
A free photo is included with each adult breakfast reservation. 

Sesame Street Birthday Parade

The ALL-NEW Sesame Street Birthday Parade

Sing, dance, and have a blast with your favorite furry friends during this vibrant, lively parade.

This parade features great floats and lively music, making everyone sing and dance with Elmo and friends, stopping to celebrate with the Birthday song in Sesame Street Land.

Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Birthday Scavenger Hunt

You can purchase the Birthday Scavenger Hunt map from Hooper’s Store. This map will take you on a thrilling scavenger hunt across Sesame Street Land, where you will search for all the party balloons. Once you have spotted all the balloons, return your map to Hooper’s Store to claim your special Sesame Street prize.

Sesame Street Visiting Friends 

Sesame Street Visiting Friends 

During the celebration, a bunch of special Sesame Street friends will drop by for a short visit to join the festivities, including:
Mr. Snuffleupagus: 27 January to 4 February 
Murray Monster: 10,11, 17 and 18 February
Baby Bear: 24 and 25 February 24 – 2 and 3 March
– Honker and Dinger: 9, 10, 16 and 17  March

Birthday story time with Bird

Birthday Storytime with Big Bird

Gather around Big Bird’s nest to hear some of his favorite birthday stories!

The events take place at varying times throughout the day.

Elmo and Friends

Take Pictures with Elmo and Friends:

Birthday Photo Opportunities
Go to Sesame Street Land any time during the day to meet and take photos with Elmo, Cookie Monster, Abby Cadabby, and other Sesame Street characters.

Sing Happy Birthday to Sesame Street Land

Sing Happy Birthday to Sesame Street Land

Join everyone at the 123 Stoop in Sesame Street to sing a birthday song for Sesame Street Land.

Elmo’s Birthday Celebration

The fun doesn’t stop with Elmo’s Birthday Celebration, happening every day from 29 January to 4 February.

It is included with the park admission ticket.

Elmo’s Birthday Storytime

Elmo’s Birthday Storytime

Gather at the VIP Parade Viewing Area for Birthday Storytime with Elmo and hear about Elmo’s Super-Duper Birthday. It’s going to be a blast!

Sesame Street Land Sing-Along

Happy Birthday, Sesame Street Land Sing-Along

Everyone’s invited to the 123 Stoop in the Sesame Street Neighborhood to sing “Happy Birthday” to Sesame Street Land.

Make a wish as Elmo and the gang blow out the candles and celebrate five years of Sesame Street Land. The event takes place following Birthday Storytime with Big Bird.

DJ Dance Party

DJ Dance Party

Dates: 27 January to 4 March
Times: 11 am to  6 pm
Make your way to Sesame Street Land for an electrifying DJ Birthday Dance Party. Move, sing, and get down with your Sesame Street pals at this interactive DJ Birthday Dance Party in the VIP Parade area.

Birthday Photo Opportunities

Birthday Photo Opportunities

Your best animal companions are excited to celebrate their fifth birthday with you as Sesame Street Land celebrates its fifth birthday. Drop by Photos with Elmo & Friends in Sesame Street Land throughout the day for special face-to-face time with Elmo, Cookie Monster, Abby Cadabby, and more of your Sesame Street buddies.

birthday cart

Elmo’s Birthday Craft Area 

Get creative and make a birthday card for Elmo.
There are loads of fun ways to show off your artistic talent and share birthday happiness. 

Best Way to Play

The best way to enjoy all that Sesame Street Land at SeaWorld Orlando offers is with a SeaWorld Orlando admission ticket

With the SeaWorld entry ticket, maximize your adventure by choosing a ticket granting access to Aquatica, Busch Gardens Tampa, or Adventure Island. 

With options for 2, 3, or unlimited visits to these parks, you can customize your experience to fit your schedule and interests. 

SeaWorld Orlando unlimited access ticket is valid for unlimited visits and general parking through 31 December 2024, to any of the following parks: SeaWorld Orlando, Aquatica Orlando, Busch Gardens Tampa, and Adventure Island.

This deal gives kids endless chances to enjoy their favorite Sesame Street activities, close-up animal encounters, family-friendly shows, and jaw-dropping animal presentations.

Frequently Asked Questions on Sesame Street Land’s 5th Birthday Celebration

Is there a national Elmo Day?

Every year on February 3, the United States celebrates Elmo’s Birthday. 

This tradition was initiated by “Sesame Street,” which consistently portrays Elmo as perpetually three-and-a-half years old, a trait that has remained since his debut on the show in 1980.

Do I need a separate ticket for the 5th Birthday Celebration events at SeaWorld Orlando?

While general admission to SeaWorld Orlando includes access to Sesame Street Land and many of its celebrations.

However, some special events or activities, like character breakfasts, may require a separate reservation or fee.

Does Sesame Street at Seaworld Orlando have rides?

Yes, Sesame Street at SeaWorld Orlando has various rides offering fun for families with young children

There are gentle roller coasters, spinning rides, and water play areas. Kids can enjoy rides like Elmo’s Choo Choo Train and Abby’s Flower Tower, bringing the Sesame Street world to life.

Are there any special activities or shows during the Sesame Street Land 5th Birthday Celebration?

Yes, the celebration includes unique activities such as the Sesame Street Birthday Parade, special character breakfasts, themed shows, and more. 
Each year can bring different events, so it’s best to look for the latest details.

Can I meet the Sesame Street characters during the Birthday Celebration at SeaWorld Orlando?

Yes, there are opportunities to meet and take photos with Sesame Street characters, including during special events and appearances throughout the Birthday Celebration.

How long does the Sesame Street land 5th Birthday Celebration last?

The festive celebration begins on Saturday, 3 February and lasts until April 28.

It features birthday decorations throughout the area, a fresh Sesame Street birthday parade, storytime with Big Bird, lively DJ dance parties, a joyous sing-along, and craft activities all centered around the birthday theme.

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