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Seaworld Orlando features a variety of exciting activities for everyone, from thrilling roller coasters to captivating live shows. 

Discover the secrets of the sea through special events and programs, such as the underwater dive show, touch pools, and animal interactions.

Dolphin Adventure SeaWorld Orlando

Join the journey of the Bottlenose Dolphin located in Dolphin Stadium and explore the exciting world of dolphins you haven’t experienced before.

Explore how these joyful bottlenose dolphins live in the waters of Florida beaches, discover their natural habits, and describe the risks they encounter in the wild.

And learn why they’re so playful and how it helps us make discoveries

Orca Encounter

Witness killer whales in action at an exciting presentation that features the ocean’s most deadly predator.

Orca Encounter Orlando is an up-close educational experience featuring live presentations, interactive activities and a unique opportunity to get close to the whales.

Get the chance to observe the whales and their behaviors from a unique underwater viewing area.

Sea Lion & Otter Spotlight

Enjoy insightful learning about the lives of Marine Mammals located in Sea Lion and Otter Stadium.

You can now connect in a fascinating new way with one of the most powerful predators in the water.

Find out the importance of play for orcas and more about their skilled hunting techniques.

And learn about their natural habitat, the dangers they face, and the easy precautions that anyone can take to keep them safe.

This show will stay with you long after you leave SeaWorld and is a fantastically instructive and highly enjoyable tour.

You can also experience this show of a lifetime right on your dinner plate with Dine next to killer whales, and savor every bite with an unforgettable view.

Accessibility: Wheelchair users can enter the theater using the left or right entrances. Seating is available in the first row. For assistance, please consult a member of the team.

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