SeaWorld Orlando Rides

SeaWorld Orlando is a popular amusement park focusing on family fun and creating conservation awareness among visitors.

Besides this, SeaWorld has some of the most exciting and award-winning roller coasters around. 

Over the years, they’ve added more thrilling rides, with four great coasters now available and a new one called Pipeline: The Surf Coaster.

All the rides at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida, are designed around different types of sea creatures and promise a fun time. 

Visitors with disabilities can also access these rides and attractions with their special   Sensory Guide and Ride Accessibility Program

It will give detailed information on the type of ride, height requirements and the modifications needed to make it accessible to enjoy the excitement of a lifetime.

SeaWorld Orlando Roller Coasters

Besides SeaWorld, Orlando’s marine life shows and exhibits, the park also offers an impressive lineup of roller coasters that cater to thrill-seekers of all levels. 

This guide will give you a rundown of what SeaWorld Orlando has to offer, comparing the roller coasters to each other. 

We’ll look at how long and high each coaster is, how fast they go, and how well they stick to their theme and excitement level.

Ice Breaker SeaWorld Orlando

Height Requirement: 54 inches
Peak: 93 feet
Track Length: 1,900 feet
Max Speed: 54 miles per hour

Buckle up for four pulse-pounding launches, both forwards and backward, propelling you to speeds of 52 mph. 

Named after the icy Arctic peaks, you’ll experience four airtime-filled backward and forward launches.

Then, brace yourself for a heart-stopping 100-degree reverse launch into Florida’s steepest, beyond-vertical drop – a 93-foot spike that will leave you breathless!

After the first launch, get ready for a ride full of exciting flips, big drops, and moments that lift you from your seat. 

Enjoy the rush of speed and turns, all while a giant snowy owl seems to watch over your adventure.

Mako SeaWorld Orlando

Height Requirement: 54 inches
Peak: 200 feet
Length: 4,760 feet
Max Speed: 74 miles per hour

Mako is the tallest and fastest roller coaster in Orlando.

Named after the fastest shark in the ocean, it is famous for its rapid acceleration, deep dips, and thrilling turns.

The ride gives you the feeling of soaring through the air smoothly and excitingly, just like the shark swims.

Over the course of three thrilling minutes, Mako reaches speeds of up to 73 mph and heights of up to 200 feet.

Mako’s unique combination of speed, height, and floorless seats provides an exhilarating ride experience unlike any other coaster in Orlando. 

Kraken Ride SeaWorld Orlando

Height Requirement: 54 inches
Peak: 153 feet
Track Length: 4,177 feet
Max Speed: 65 miles per hour

Kraken Ride is the only floorless roller coaster in SeaWorld Orlando.

The fearsome Kraken, a monster coaster, is based on a mythical aquatic monster that has terrified sailors for decades.

The ride stands 149 feet tall and stretches over 4,177 feet of track filled with loops, rolls, spirals and seven intense inversions. 

Riders sit in open-air floorless seats that hang from the track, feet dangling as they twist and turn through elements like cobra rolls, corkscrews, and inverted loops. 

Unlike traditional coasters, Kraken’s seats dangle freely, leaving your legs swinging for an enhanced feeling of weightlessness and immersion.

It is ready to unleash its monstrous grip on your senses with its floorless design, powerful loops, and thrilling dives. 

Manta Ride SeaWorld Orlando

Height Requirement: 54 inches
Peak: 140 feet
Length: 3,359 feet
Max Speed: 56 miles per hour

Manta features tight turns, corkscrews, and four inversions that create an exhilarating feeling of flight. 

With speeds reaching 60 mph, buckle up and lie face-down on the wings of the manta ray-shaped trains, feeling the rush of wind as you soar through the air. 

Experience what it feels like to glide, spin, skim and fly like a giant ray on Florida’s only flying roller coaster. 

A head-first, face-down, inverted nosedive taunts riders, and that’s just the beginning.

Manta reaches a maximum height of 140 feet as riders experience the feeling of weightlessness and cascading dives while “flying” in the prone position. 

Feel the full power and force of riding the high oceans, all on one of the smoothest tracks on the planet.

Pipeline: The Surf Coaster 

Height Requirement: 54 inches
Peak: 110 feet
Length: 2,950 feet
Max Speed: 60 miles per hour

SeaWorld’s Pipeline surf coaster is a groundbreaking experience that transports you into the exhilarating world of surfing like never before. 

As the first of its kind, it offers a unique coaster experience where each rider’s seat moves up and down by two inches along the track, perfectly mimicking the unpredictable nature of surfing. 

From the moment you take your position, you’ll notice the difference. 

Prepare for the thrill of launching 110 feet into the air and feeling every bank and curve with the intensity of riding genuine waves, capturing the ocean’s incredible power in a whole new way.

SeaWorld Orlando Penguin Trek

Height Requirement: 42 inches
SeaWorld Orlando new ride!

SeaWorld Orlando is excited to introduce Penguin Trek, a new snowmobile-style roller coaster launching in 2024.  

This family launch coaster promises an unforgettable adventure through the breathtaking vastness of Antarctica.

You’ll board a snowmobile and race along with their expedition team at speeds of up to 43 miles per hour, navigating twists and turns and narrowly escaping the hazards of an icy cavern. 

The ride concludes in the heart of SeaWorld Orlando’s own penguin habitat. 

The coaster will feature a 3,020-foot track with two launches. 

SeaWorld Orlando Water Rides

Water rides at SeaWorld Orlando are the perfect way to beat Florida’s heat and have fun in the sun.

From high-speed waterslide races to lush rainforest river rapids, buckle up and get ready for the adventure.

Infinity Falls

Height Requirement: 42 to 77 inches.

(must have a supervisory partner if they are between 42 and 48 inches tall (at least 14 years old)

Get ready for a fun journey at Infinity Falls in SeaWorld Orlando. 

You’ll zoom through green scenery, explore exciting waterfalls, and experience big splashes. 

This river raft ride mixes fast water with beautiful views, making it great for both families and thrill-seekers. 

Hold on tight as your raft tackles exhilarating rapids, leading to a splashing adventure. 

Feel the adrenaline rush as you face a 40-foot drop, the tallest river raft drop in North America, which guarantees a complete soak. 

The ride takes you on a fast-paced trip over a freshwater river delta, past soaking geysers, and ends with a record-breaking plunge.

Navigate through tropical ruins-themed surroundings with flowing fountains, incredible geysers, and beautiful waterfalls.

Journey to Atlantis

Height Requirement: At least 42 inches.

(must have a supervisory partner if they are between 42 and 48 inches tall (at least 14 years old)

Journey to Atlantis is a family-friendly water coaster ride.

This adventure will take you through the lost city of Atlantis, exploring secret tunnels and watery pathways.

Encounter ancient ruins, mythical creatures, and even a colossal Kraken guarding Atlantean treasures. 

Plunge 60 feet into the city’s heart, get splashed by geysers, and twist through exciting turns. 

From dim passageways with glittering lights to vibrant and playful underwater reefs, Journey to Atlantis features some of the most stunning and sophisticated theming.

Flamingo Paddle Boats

Height Requirement: At least 56 inches.
(no height limit to ride with an adult)

Enjoy a peaceful ride on the lagoon in our paddle boats while admiring the beautiful views and sounds of the natural habitats along the shoreline. 

Please note that parents with infants are not allowed to ride the boats, and wheelchair users must transfer to a free-floating paddle boat. 

To access the boat, visitors need to take a ramp from the life vest location to the dock and walk a short distance.

Kid Rides at SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando Sesame Street rides has lots of fun rides designed just for kids.

It’s a place where little ones can go on adventures, enjoy rides made just for them, and have a great time. 

They’ll find everything from merry-go-rounds to small roller coasters, all designed to make their day special and fun.

Abby’s Flower Tower

Height Requirement: At least 42 inches.
(be accompanied by an adult at least 14 years old)

Abby’s Flower Tower at SeaWorld is a fun family ride that takes you on a spinning journey in colorful flower pots. 

You’ll be lifted high up in the air and get a fairy’s eye view of all the excitement on Sesame Street. 

Please note that hand-held infants are not allowed on this ride.

Big Bird’s Twirl ‘N’ Whirl

Height Requirement: At least 36 inches.
(be accompanied by an adult at least 14 years old)

Prepare yourself to spin in your seat while enjoying Big Bird’s Twirl ‘N’ Whirl at Sesame Street Land.

The whole family will joyfully sing as you twirl around and around with everyone’s favorite bird. 

You can control the speed of your ride manually, going as fast or as slow as you want. 

Please note that infants held by hand are not allowed on the ride.

Cookie Drop

Height Requirement: At least 42 inches.
(be accompanied by an adult at least 14 years old)

Experience a thrilling ride on Cookie Monster’s Cookie Drop, where you’ll be whisked away in a cloud of cookie crumbs. 

Hold on tight and get ready for a chuckle-filled adventure on Cookie’s favorite treat.

Elmo’s Choo Choo Train

Height Requirement: At least 36 inches.
(be accompanied by an adult at least 14 years old)

Come aboard Elmo’s Choo Choo Train, a fun and interactive ride where you can ring the bell and honk the horn! 

Elmo will be your guide as you seek out beautiful butterflies and entertaining caterpillars and maybe even catch a glimpse of his special friends, the Twiddlebugs.

Handheld infants are not allowed on board, but animal assistants are welcome on bench seats.

Rosita’s Harmony Hills

Come and play on the rolling green hillsides of Harmony Hills by Rosita. 

Make beautiful musical sounds with your favorite instruments while you climb, crawl, and run around. 

Create your symphony and have a great time in the most incredible play area on the block.

Ring and drum on to a fun-filled day at Rosita’s Harmony Hills!

Rubber Duckie Water Works

Rubber Duckie Water Works is an interactive water play area that offers a range of exciting water sprays, fountains, and pop jets. 

It is a perfect place to have some splashy fun with Ernie and Rubber Duckie. 

Upon entering, you’ll be greeted by an array of watery blasts, fountains, and pop jets that instantly cool you off. 

Get ready to experience a world of imaginative water plays with bubbling excitement for everyone.

Slimy’s Slides

Height Requirement: At least 42 inches.
(be accompanied by an adult at least 14 years old)

Join Slimey’s Slider for a thrilling ride through Oscar the Grouch’s prized compost collection.

Hop on a “boat” designed especially for Oscar’s pet worm and get ready to spin, rock, and slide through enormous apple cores. Get ready for a grumpy good time.

Hand-held infants are not permitted.

SeaWorld Orlando Sunny Day Carousel

Height Requirement: At least 42 inches.

(be accompanied by an adult at least 14 years old)

The amusement ride is a carousel that has a variety of colorful horses and other animals for kids to ride. 

The carousel is enclosed in a protective glass dome, with a beautiful crystal chandelier hanging from the center. 

The carousel music adds to the fun and fantasy of the ride. 

Riders should stand alongside the animal they are riding on the inner side of the carousel. 

Infants are permitted only when riding on bench seats and must be carried in arms. 

Animal assistance is permitted only on bench seats.

Super Grover’s Box Car Derby

Height Requirement: 38 inches

(Guests between the heights of 38 and 41 inches must be supervised by an adult)

Get ready for an exciting ride with Super Grover’s amazing box car race.

This roller coaster is perfect for families and is packed with thrilling slopes, sharp curves, and fun drops. 

It’s the perfect first steel roller coaster experience for both children and adults alike. So, hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

SeaWorld Orlando Sky Tower

The Sky Tower in Florida’s Key West area is a towering landmark that stands 400 feet (121.92 m) tall. 

From its height, you can enjoy a panoramic 360-degree view of the surrounding area. 

If you’re three years or older, you must pay a $6 entrance fee to enter. 

Also, visitors with animal assistance are welcome.

What are the Waiting Times for SeaWorld Orlando Rides?

Typically, SeaWorld Orlando ride wait times can vary depending on factors such as the time of day, day of the week, and park attendance levels.

Here’s a table summarizing the average waiting times for popular rides at SeaWorld Orlando:

RideAverage Wait Time
Mako30 minutes to one hour
Kraken30 minutes to one hour
Manta15 to  45 minutes
Journey to Atlantis45 minutes to 1.5 hours
Infinity Falls45 minutes to 1.5 hours
Antarctica30 minutes to one hour
TurtleTrek15 to 30 minutes
Wild Arctic15 to 45 minutes
Sea Carousel7 minutes 
Pipeline39 minutes 
Ice Breaker45 minutes 
Flamingo Paddle Boats10 minutes
Abby’s Flower Tower11 minutes
Cookie Drop11 minutes
Elmo’s choo choo Train11 minutes
Rosita’s Harmony Hills —-
Rubber Duckie Water —–
Slimey’s Slider10 minutes
Super Grover’s Box Car Derby13 minutes
Sky Tower 22 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best rides at SeaWorld Orlando?

Seaworld Orlando offers a variety of rides for all ages, from fast thrill rides to gentle, family-friendly attractions. 

The most popular and exciting rides are Mako, Kraken, Manta, Journey to Atlantis, Infinity Falls, and Icebreaker.

How many rides are at SeaWorld Orlando?

SeaWorld Orlando offers experiences for all ages.
With 18 different rides and four sit-down shows, guests can enjoy a variety of
experiences ranging from family-friendly attractions to having some thrills with
extreme rides. 

What are the SeaWorld Orlando rides’ height requirements?

The height requirements for rides at SeaWorld Orlando vary depending on the ride.
 However, the minimum height requirement ranges from 36 to 42 inches.

 Some attractions have restrictions based on age and height, so please check before you visit.

What is SeaWorld Orlando’s new ride?

SeaWorld Orlando’s new ride, Penguin Trek, is a family launch coaster set in Antarctica. 

It features a snowmobile race, icy caverns, and ends in a penguin habitat. 

The track is 3,020 feet with two launches. The ride is suitable for those between 42 and 77 inches tall.

What are the top five best rides at SeaWorld Orlando?

The top five best rides at SeaWorld Orlando are Ice Breaker, Infinity Falls, Sesame Street Land, Mako, and Manta.

If you are visiting with your younger ones, do not miss visiting Sesame Street Land, which is specially designed for kids and their parents.

What are SeaWorld Orlando’s indoor attractions?

SeaWorld Orlando has a variety of indoor attractions such as Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin, Wild Arctic, Shark Encounter, Dolphin Nursery and many more that offer fun and educational experiences for visitors of all ages.

And with a SeaWorld admission ticket,  you can experience and enjoy all these attractions.

How can I find out if rides in SeaWorld Orlando are closed?

SeaWorld Orlando provides real-time updates on ride closures through various channels. 

You can check their social media pages on the official SeaWorld Orlando website or inquire with guest services at the park for the most up-to-date information on ride closures.

Can adults accompany children on rides at SeaWorld Orlando?

Yes, adults can accompany children on most rides at SeaWorld Orlando

However, some rides may have specific seating arrangements or restrictions for safety reasons. 

Checking with ride attendants or referring to posted signage for guidance before boarding is recommended.

What is the most intense ride at SeaWorld Orlando?

The most intense ride at SeaWorld Orlando is Mako, a hypercoaster renowned for its breathtaking speeds and steep drops. 

Inspired by the ocean’s fastest shark, Mako propels riders at speeds up to 73 mph, reaching heights of up to 200 feet, making it an exhilarating experience filled with thrills around every turn.

What are the nonscary rides at SeaWorld?

At SeaWorld Orlando, non-scary rides suitable for families and young children include Sesame Street Land attractions like Abby’s Flower Tower and Elmo’s Choo Choo Train, the gentle Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin, the immersive TurtleTrek 3D experience, the Sea Carousel, and the panoramic Sky Tower.

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