Seaworld Orlando Gift Shop


Seaworld Orlando store offers a wide selection of souvenirs and merchandise, from clothing and accessories to toys, home décor, and more. 

You can find the park’s stores throughout, including at the entrance, Shamu’s Emporium, and near many attractions. 

You’ll discover excitement around every corner, whether you’re looking for a plush buddy or SeaWorld souvenirs to help you remember your day.

Find stunning artwork and clothing designed by Guy Harvey, a well-known marine artist and conservationist.

With PhotoKey, you can instantly collect, view, and share your in-park memories, opening up a world of memories.

Don’t worry if you don’t get enough time to shop. With the SeaWorld gift shop online, you can get your favourite souvenirs delivered to your home.

Shops at Waterfront

SeaWorld Orlando’s Waterfront has numerous stores and shops you won’t find anywhere else in Central Florida.

The Waterfront offers visitors the chance to buy food and goods worldwide.

You can find 12 Shopping stores in this area.

Guy Harvey

Guy Harvey Store

Enjoy unique artwork and clothing designed by Guy Harvey, well-known for his famous t-shirts featuring marine life near and offshore.

To support ocean health and shark research initiatives, the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation receives a direct donation of 5% of the sales price.

Simply Southern Store

Simply Southern features exclusive merchandise to the park.

The store deals with quick-drying shorts, comfy flip-flops, and pastel shirts with adorable fonts and designs.

You can find the Southern store at the Shoppes at Waterfront, right by the Guy Harvey Store.

Simply Southern Store

Oyster’s Secret

It is undoubtedly one of the best and most unique gift shops offering island themes apparel, specialized gifts and accessories.

You can witness as pearl divers search for oysters to reveal the pearl. 

Have them crafted into jewellery or take them home as souvenirs.

Attraction Themed Stores

In SeaWorld attraction-themed stores, shop for your favorite Seaworld characters.

And have fun with interactive experiences and explore the exclusive collection of unique and exclusive items.

Glacial Collections

Chill out at Glacial Collection, near Empire of the Penguin, for various clothing and items, including hoodies, tank tops, penguin pyjamas, and picture frames, perfect for penguin fans.

If you have a penguin fan in your group, stop by this store and stock up on all your favourite goods.

Fins Gifts

Fins Gifts SeaWorld, close to Mako, is all about sharks.

So, if you are fascinated with sharks or whales, check out this place.

You can buy the coolest whale and shark-themed items like jewellery, toys, and clothes.

Golden Seahorse Gifts

Explore today’s top clothing labels like Roxy, Hurley, and Quicksilver apparel at SeaWorld’s Golden Seahorse Gifts shop.
And take home some hand-picked collection of jewellery, toys, and gifts that you can’t wait to show off! after taking the plunge on Journey to Atlantis.

golden seahorse
Hoopers store

Hooper’s Store

Whether young or old, both can enjoy the iconic Sesame Street by shopping for memorabilia, from Big Bird pillows to toddler tees with Count Von Count.

For an added touch, photo opportunities are in store with these beloved characters.

Kraken Gifts

Kraken Gifts is a small stand, perfect for a quick souvenir after experiencing the Kraken ride.

Grab a lair full of souvenir t-shirts bearing the image of the Kraken, as well as jewellery, games, and strange presents at the Seaworld Kraken Gifts store.

Trek Treasures

Trek Treasures at SeaWorld Orlando, close to the Turtle Trek and Manatee Rescue, sell goods and souvenirs with those creatures displayed prominently. 

You can also stop for light refreshments like sodas, bites, and bottled water.

Whitewater Supply

Unearth treasures of conservation at Whitewater Supply in SeaWorld, Florida! From stylish apparel to nifty trinkets, you’ll find everything you need to show your support for global water protection – all while celebrating your victory over Infinity Falls.

Shops at Key West

The key west is one of the first spots to greet guests at SeaWorld Orlando.

You can find numerous animal attractions, dining options, and gift shops with Florida-themed items.

Build-A-Bear Workshop

Build-A-Bear Workshop offers unique SeaWorld accessories that allow you to make personalized furry friends to take home as a lasting memory of the day.

The shop also offers  SeaWorld-exclusive clothing and accessories, such as t-shirts and customized bear carriers.

Coconut Bay Traders

Dive into an aquatic paradise of dolphin-themed items at Coconut Bay Traders.
Shop for unique dolphin-themed items like jewellery, apparel and souvenirs – all adorned with the iconic image of these majestic marine mammals, making it a great way to remember the fun times had at the world-famous Florida attraction.

Coconut bay traders

Flamingo Pointe

Like the bird, Flamingo Pointe in SeaWorld Orlando is a vibrant, energetic store where visitors can stop by and get their tropical gifts. 

Bringing souvenirs from here will leave you feeling like you’ve never left Florida!

Wild Arctic Gifts

Wild Arctic Gifts store is on the park’s outside edge, close to Glacier Bar and Altitude Burgers. 

You can choose from apparel and toys depicting adorable and cuddly Arctic Circle creatures.

Wild Arctic Gifts


Another fascinating store location can be seen right outside SeaWorld Orlando’s main entrance.

The theme park’s owner, Anheuser-Busch, offers a variety of Budweiser-related things for visitors looking for a new kind of souvenir!

SeaWorld Rescue Store

The SeaWorld Orlando rescue store represents the core purpose of SeaWorld. 

The rescue store is the store that gives back with gear and goods that promote SeaWorld Rescue. 
The SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund donates 5% of every purchase to support wildlife and conservation initiatives.

Exit Gifts

Exit Gifts is SeaWorld’s first or last shop outside the park’s turnstile.

Grab that last-minute gift you almost forgot about at this last-chance shop, which has choices ranging from wearables to gifts, toys, and accessories.

Pin Trading Program

pin trading program

All you have to do is Collect your favourite pins and exchange them with other park visitors and SeaWorld Ambassadors.

Ambassadors with pin lanyards are around the park at gift stores, theatres, the main gate and park entry.

New pins will be released regularly throughout the year, allowing you to add to your collection.

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