Penguin Trek SeaWorld: A New Family-Friendly Adventure

SeaWorld Orlando is all set to elevate the fun by introducing its new roller coaster ride, Penguin Trek, in Spring 2024. 

This unique addition promises a blend of thrills and animal encounters, providing a thrilling ride through Antarctica’s icy landscapes.

The ride features snowmobile-style cars that speed through the Antarctic wilderness at up to 43 mph. 

Over a track that spans more than 3,000 feet, you will experience the thrills of two launches, twists, and turns indoors and outdoors.

What sets SeaWorld Orlando Penguin Trek apart is its ending: a visit to SeaWorld’s penguin habitat, which will give you a close-up view of the park’s penguins. 

This encounter combines the excitement of a roller coaster ride with the wonder of marine life, offering educational and entertaining elements.

The Penguin Trek coaster is suitable for a wide range of heights, welcoming guests between 42 and 77 inches tall. 

It’s a fantastic option for families seeking a thrill that’s not too intense but still offers plenty of excitement.

Designed by the renowned Bolliger & Mabillard, known for their exceptional roller coasters, Penguin Trek promises to be a top-quality attraction. 

It marks the eighth coaster in SeaWorld Orlando’s impressive lineup and showcases its commitment to offering unique experiences that blend thrills with educational encounters.

For those eager to be among the first to experience Penguin Trek, SeaWorld Orlando entry ticket offers benefits like unlimited admission with free parking and special savings.

As Spring 2024 approaches, prepare to take off on this polar expedition and make unforgettable memories with your family at SeaWorld Orlando.

Frequently Asked Questions About Penguin Trek

What is Penguin Trek’s opening date?

Set to launch in Spring 2024, SeaWorld Orlando’s Penguin Trek offers an exciting adventure without stretching your budget!

Gear up for this adventure by purchasing SeaWorld Orlando entry tickets and getting access to all the rides.

What are Penguin Trek SeaWorld Orlando height restrictions?

The minimum height requirement for Penguin Trek is 42 inches, and the maximum height limit of 77 inches.

What new coaster is coming to SeaWorld Orlando?

Penguin Trek is a new ride coming to SeaWorld Orlando, Florida, in Spring 2024. 

It’s a fun coaster that takes you on an adventure like you’re in Antarctica, and you’ll even get to see real penguins up close.

Where is the SeaWorld Penguin Trek?

The Penguin Trek is situated near SeaWorld’s blue-railed Manta coaster and within eyeshot of its bright green Kraken ride.

You can walk underneath the new rails, like beneath parts of Manta and Pipeline. 
The entire experience, from start to finish, spans about three minutes. 

If you have someone with you who may not want to brave the perils of this snowmobile mission, they will still be welcome to visit the penguin habitat without needing to experience Penguin Trek. 

How fast does SeaWorld Penguin Trek go?

Penguin Trek reaches speeds of up to 43 miles (about 69 kilometers per hour)per hour, offering a thrilling yet family-friendly experience.

How long is the Penguin Trek in SeaWorld Orlando?

The track is about 3,020 feet ((about 920 meters), featuring both indoor and outdoor elements, including two exciting launches.

Can I see penguins on this ride?

Yes, one of the highlights of Penguin Trek is the finale, where the ride ends inside SeaWorld Orlando’s penguin habitat, allowing you to observe these charming birds up close.

Who designed Penguin Trek SeaWorld?

Penguin Trek is designed by Bolliger & Mabillard, a renowned company known for its expertise in roller coaster engineering.

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