Best Ways to Get to SeaWorld Orlando for an Amazing Family Vacation

Driving Directions to SeaWorld Orlando Florida

SeaWorld Orlando, nestled in the city’s centre, is easily accessible to everyone from all directions. 

Whether you are coming from the airport, downtown Orlando or nearby attractions, it is well-connected to major roads and highways.

Still wondering how to get to SeaWorld Orlando? Which is the fastest route? Follow the easy directions to SeaWorld Orlando below, or enter your location based on the starting point.

From the North (Downtown Orlando, Universal Studios, Sanford, Deland, Daytona)  

From the North
Image: Wikimedia.org

Take I-4 West to exit 72 (Beachline Expressway/FL-528/Airport).

Then take the International Drive exit (exit #1) once you’ve reached the Beachline.

Turn left at the traffic light. (You’ll be on International Drive).

After that, turn right onto Central Florida Parkway at the second light.

You can find the SeaWorld entrance on the right side of Central Florida Parkway.

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Directions from the East (Cocoa, Cape Canaveral, Titusville Area)

From the West
Image: Wikimedia.org

Drive FL-528 (Beachline Expressway) west towards the International Drive exit (exit #1).

Turn left onto International Drive.

Make a right turn onto Central Florida Parkway at the next traffic light.

You can find the SeaWorld entrance on the right-hand side of the Central Florida Parkway.

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Directions From the West (Lake Buena Vista/Tampa)

From the East
Image: Aaroads.com

Take I-4 East (toward Orlando) to exit 71. 

It’s the exit for SeaWorld. At the ramp’s exit, turn right onto the Central Florida Parkway.

The main entry to SeaWorld is on the left side of Central Florida Parkway, at the SeaWorld Orlando sign.

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Don’t let parking ruin your day! Find the ultimate guide to parking at SeaWorld Orlando and spend your time enjoying all the incredible attractions instead.

How to get to SeaWorld Orlando by Public Transport

Experience the convenience of public transport when visiting SeaWorld Orlando. 

With various public transportation available, getting to the park is a breeze. 

Hop on a bus or train to the nearest station, then transfer to the bus or taxi and embark on a stress-free journey.

So, grab your tickets, hop on your transport, follow directions to SeaWorld Orlando and embark on an exciting adventure.

Disney to SeaWorld Orlando directions

Disney to SeaWorld Orlando
Image: Wikipedia.org

The Lynx bus service can take you to or close to the theme parks.

There is a stop close to SeaWorld Orlando on the Lynx #50 bus route, which travels from Downtown Disney to Downtown Orlando and back.

Price: $2
Duration: 1 hour
Distance:  7 miles (11.2654 km)

(MCO) Orlando airport to SeaWorld Orlando directions

(MCO) to SeaWorld
Image: Flickr.com

Bus via Destination Parkway Superstop:

The best way to travel from Orlando Airport (MCO) to SeaWorld Orlando without an automobile is to take the Line 111 bus via Destination Parkway Superstore.

First, head to Oia Transfer Center, which is only a 4-minute walk and 2.3 miles from Orlando Airport (MCO).

If you are taking a taxi, it will cost between $8 to $11.

Then board the line 111 bus destination Parkway Superstore.

It takes 23 minutes to walk directly to SeaWorld Orlando from Parkway Super stop, approximately 0.93 miles (1.5 km).

Price: $2
Duration: 1 hour and 5 minutes 
Distance: Approx 16 miles (25 km)

Bus via Sea Harbor Drive And Grand Vacations Way:

You can take the same bus, 111, from Oia Transfer Center to Sea Harbor Drive And Grand Vacations Way.

To reach SeaWorld Orlando, continue walking for 14 minutes after arriving at Sea Harbor Drive and Grand Vacations Way, around 0.57 miles (920 meters).

Price: $2
Duration: 1 hour and 6 minutes 
Distance: Approx 17 miles (27.7km)

SeaWorld Orlando Map

SeaWorld Orlando Map
Image: Seaworld.com

SeaWorld Orlando is a 20-acre marine theme park that remains open throughout the year. 

To discover the 20-acre park, you need a map to navigate to plan your day better and catch your favourite show. 

It will provide an overview of the park, highlighting the various attractions, shows, dining options, restrooms, and guest services. 

You’ll easily spot key landmarks and exhibits like the iconic Shamu Stadium, the thrilling Manta roller coaster, and the magnificent Dolphin Cove.

Pro Tip: Maximize your thrill by planning your trip on weekdays or during non-peak seasons, ensuring shorter lines and more enjoyable attractions. Check our Opening hours for complete information.

And for the best deals and buying options, check out SeaWorld Orlando tickets.

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