SeaWorld Orlando Crowd Calendar 2024

Orlando is known as the world’s theme park hub, meaning it’s always pretty busy, but it gets super crowded when kids are on break from school. 

Especially during the summer months from late May to early September, any long holiday weekends, the winter break from mid-December to early January, and during spring break from late March to April. 

Remember, kids from other parts of the world might have different holiday times. 

A trip to SeaWorld Orlando, especially to places, is much more fun when there are fewer people and the weather is nice. 

Also, hotel prices, which can take up a big part of your trip budget, tend to be a bit cheaper when it’s not so busy. 

This calendar will give you an idea of the monthly crowd variations, ensuring a well-planned visit to SeaWorld Orlando.


January is a great time to visit Seaworld Orlando, except for the first week when it remains busy due to the end of the holiday decorations. 

On weekends, Florida residents with annual passes visit the park, making it a SeaWorld Orlando little crowded. 

However, as the month progresses, crowd levels decrease, with the average crowd level settling around 40%, making it less busy as the Christmas holiday ends.


February is much calmer than January, with the average crowd in SeaWorld Orlando level decreasing to 36%, and it feels like two different parts.

The first two weeks are very peaceful. But then, Presidents Day happens in the middle of February, giving everyone a chance to take a short vacation.

Right after Presidents Day, the SeaWorld park gets crowded because many people decide to take their break without taking too many days off work or school.


March starts off quiet for the first ten days but then gets really crowded because of Spring Break. 

However, the SeaWorld crowd level averages 46% for the month and sees a significant increase as Spring Break approaches. 

This period attracts numerous visitors to Orlando, seeking to have fun for a week or two.

If you want a peaceful time at the parks, it’s best to avoid the end of March and the start of April.

Also, if you’re in Orlando in March, don’t miss the St. Patrick’s Day parties around the middle of the month. They’re a lot of fun!


April differs from March because the Spring Break holiday continues into the first two weeks, including Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

With an average crowd level of 55% for the month, it remains bustling due to the holiday period.

If you want to miss the busiest Spring Break times, the end of April is perfect for visiting. 

It’s warm but not too humid like in summer.


May in SeaWorld Orlando presents a sweet spot for visitors, with the average crowd level at 56%. 

May is a great month to visit Orlando because there are few people and the weather is nice, making it an appealing time for those looking to enjoy the park with minimal hustle.

Plus, there are no significant holidays until the end of the month, so it’s quieter.

More local people come out on weekends because of the good weather, but if you go on a weekday, you’ll find it’s not as crowded.


With a crowd level of 61%, June marks the beginning of summer vacation for schools in many places across the US, lasting until the first week of August.

This means the parks will be more crowded and you might see some stormy weather in the afternoons. 

The parks will also stay open longer, and you might have to wait longer for your favorite rides.

Although Seaworld hasn’t officially released park events beyond May, you can expect to see Ignite 360, the fireworks show they do every night when it’s really busy. 

They’ll also have other fun shows and street performances that you don’t see during the quieter times of the year.


With a crowd level of 77%, July experiences peak attendance as schools across the US are out for summer break, leading to the park being busy every day, not just weekends.

The park stays open late, until 10 pm, to let everyone enjoy more time.

The last week of July might be a bit crowded because schools from other countries are on break too. 

But honestly, the park is pretty packed all month long.

If you want to ensure all the rides and attractions are open, the best time to visit is in June or July, when US schools are on summer break.


August, with a crowd level of 50%, offers a more relaxed atmosphere for park visitors, aligning well with the UK school holidays.

Schools in the US start again in the second week of August. So, if you love fireworks and shows, try to visit early in the month. 

After schools start, the park might close earlier and have fewer shows.

Also, keep in mind that from June to September is hurricane season in Florida. This could affect your trip, but usually, it’s only for a day or two at most.


With a crowd level, 35%September is a less crowded month between the busy summer and Halloween fun, which starts in some parks by mid-month.

Early September is mostly about getting ready for Halloween, so other entertainment is light and the parks close earlier because of the lighter crowd. 

If you want to enjoy Halloween events without too many people around, visiting from the middle to the end of September is a smart choice.


October, with a crowd level of 36%, is a favorite time to visit Orlando because of special events at Universal and Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

This year is the third time Seaworld Orlando is hosting its Howl-O-Scream event

Unlike Disney and Universal, Seaworld includes the scary fun in your regular ticket price, making it a cheaper option for Halloween.

More people like it every year, so this guide might be updated when the exact dates for 2024 are announced.


November, with a crowd level of 30%, offers a serene atmosphere in SeaWorld Orlando between Halloween and Christmas celebrations. 

Right after Halloween, parks start getting ready for Christmas.

Visiting from the middle to the end of November is perfect for enjoying Christmas decorations without the big crowds of late December.

Weekends can get a bit busy with local people visiting for some holiday fun. 

Thanksgiving is a very busy time in the parks, so it might be best to skip that weekend if possible.


December sees a crowd level jump to 48%, making it the most bustling month, except for the first week when the holiday decorations end. 

The SeaWorld park is decorated with special shows and events for the holiday season. 

The week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve is the busiest week of the year, so if you plan to visit during this time, be prepared for long lines and crowded attractions.

Best Time to Visit SeaWorld Orlando

Best to Visit SeaWorld Orlando
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The best time to visit SeaWorld Orlando is 15 minutes before it opens its gate.

Early in the morning, right after opening, the park is generally less crowded, with significantly shorter lines for popular attractions and rides.

This means you can experience more of the park’s highlights with less waiting time.

Morning tends to be cooler, especially during the warmer months. 

Therefore, you can enjoy the outdoor activities and exhibits in more comfortable weather before the midday heat.

Another benefit of visiting early is that many aquatic animals and marine life are more active during the morning. 

It will enhance your experience, allowing you to see more animal behaviors and interactions.

The park is spread across 200 acres (81 ha) with rides, exhibits, shows and much more.

So, experiencing everything will require a lot of time and starting early will give you more time to explore. 

You can cover a significant part of the park without rushing, ensuring a more thorough and enjoyable visit.

What are the Best Days to Visit SeaWorld Orlando?

the Best Days to Visit SeaWorld Orlando
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The best time to visit SeaWorld Orlando is right when the park opens at 9 am.

If you are unable to visit early, it’s best to go on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays.

These weekdays are typically less crowded, so you can enjoy all the attractions without worrying about long lines or feeling crowded.

What are the Best Months to Visit SeaWorld Orlando?

For those seeking the perfect balance of outdoor fun and comfortable weather, consider visiting during the fall and winter (September through November and January through February).

During these months, Orlando experiences more moderate temperatures and lower humidity, making spending the day outdoors exploring the park more comfortable.

These months also fall outside of the peak holiday periods and summer vacation, meaning fewer visitors and shorter lines for attractions. 

September to November is after the back-to-school period, and January to February is after the holiday season but before spring break, making the park less crowded.

Additionally, the park often hosts special events during these months, like Halloween Spooktacular in the fall and Christmas celebrations starting in November.

Then, early in the year, followed by various festivals, it provides unique experiences with the same admission.

Moreover, due to off seasons, you’ll find better deals on hotel accommodations and sometimes even on park admission.

Ideal Visit Periods for Flexible Travelers to SeaWorld Orlando

 Flexible Travelers
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If you can visit any time, consider going from the week after Labor Day to the week before Thanksgiving. 

You can also go from the week after Thanksgiving to mid-December and the six weeks before and after the school spring break, usually around Easter. 

During these times, the park is less crowded, the weather is nice, and it’s cheaper to travel. 

Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy the special events happening at the park. 

However, if you’re planning your trip around a special event or festival, keep in mind that some attractions or food stalls might be closed on certain days.

In that case, you might need to plan your visit for later in the week or on the weekend.

Worst Time to Visit SeaWorld Orlando

The worst time to visit SeaWorld Orlando is during spring break, usually two weeks before and after Easter. 

During this time, there are huge crowds and long lines lasting up to two hours to hop on some of the most popular attractions.

Even getting food can take a long time.

And navigating through the traffic on International Drive will become a headache.

Christmas holidays and summer are also busiest times when many people are on vacation. 

May and November can also get really busy because people living in Florida get special discounts to visit the park. 

Additionally, the parking lots are packed right before and after Christmas, and it’s scorching and sticky in the summer.

Considerations Beyond Crowds: Love Bug Season

Worst Time to Visit SeaWorld Orlando
image : Stock photos by Vecteezy

There is another thing that people outside of Central Florida don’t know about the love bug season.

It occurs for several weeks in May and September. 

These small fly-like insects can irritate as they get into everything, leaving a messy splatter on your car windshield. 

While they don’t bite, they can be pretty bothersome. Therefore, it’s best to avoid them if possible. 

Don’t Let Your Vacation Get Washed Out!

It is better to reschedule your trip if the forecast predicts persistent rain, unlike the usual spot showers in Florida.

You’ll spend a lot of time outside, and it’s more challenging to spot marine life while raindrops are pounding the water’s surface.

In addition, many water-based attractions and tall coasters will shut down faster than a shark’s mouth on prey if there is even the slightest hint of lightning anywhere in the county.

Featured image : Stock photos by Vecteezy

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