Camps and Education SeaWorld Orlando Florida

Seaworld Orlando education programs offer a variety of camps for children of all ages. 

SeaWorld Orlando Camp offers hands-on learning experiences in marine biology, animal care, and conservation.

Experience this skillful blend of SeaWorld Orlando education and entertainment through engaging field trips, dynamic summer camp and exciting sleepovers.

Students can have the once-in-a-lifetime experience of exploring the world’s oceans with the outstanding educational programs at SeaWorld Orlando! 

SeaWorld Educational Field Trip

Field Trip
Image: Seaworld.com

Instructional Field Experiences at SeaWorld Orlando provide students with an unforgettable day.

The activities are designed to encourage students’ hands-on educational experiences.

Students will receive expert assistance throughout their trip.

They will also learn about amazing animal adaptation and exciting conservation efforts to protect the world around us.

Let them embark on a journey of discovery they will remember as they explore SeaWorld’s attractions and world-class shows.

Things to Know:

  • Only Florida-based home schools and educational institutions are eligible for this program.
  • It is a self-guided program.
  • Review educational resources before, during, and after you visit SeaWorld to enhance the educational experience.

SeaWorld Orlando Day Camps

SeaWorld Orlando Day Camps
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Summer day camps at SeaWorld Orlando offer fun, packed, quality education. 

From preschool to 12 grade, SeaWorld Day camps have something for everyone.

Camps and Education Seaworld Orlando, Florida, allow them to spend quality time with one another while working together to create crafts, view animals and make new friends.

Height restrictions apply.

Seaworld Camp Timings

  • Monday to Friday – 9 am to 3 pm (drop-off begins at 8:30 am)

 Camp Includes

  • Close animal encounters
  • Fun activities and DIY projects
  • complimentary t-shirts and water bottle 

Preschool (Three to Five ages)

Take your little ones on the adventure of animal adaptation exploration!

Camp time
Monday – Friday, 9 am – 12 pm.

Grades K to 1

Explore the ocean using the five senses and uncover what we have in common with sea animals.

Adventures offered 

Grades Two to Three

Campers will work up an appetite for fun during this week-long adventure into the sea’s smorgasbord.

Adventures offered 

Grades Four Five

Find out how the heaviest killer whales are weighed or how trainers teach dolphins to leap into the sky.

Adventures offered

Grades Six to Eight

Prepare to dive into the first world of marine biology.

Adventures offered 

Grades 9 to 12

Adventures offered 

SeaWorld Sleepovers

Sleepovers at SeaWorld allow you to spend a cozy night up close to your favorite aquatic species.

Kids will explore the park after dark, watch shows, and explore the water park. 

They will also experience various educational activities, including a behind-the-scenes tour and a nighttime animal encounter. 

There is also a sleepover party with a movie and snacks.

SeaWorld Orlando Sleepovers timings

  • 6:30 pm to 9 am (the following day).

Seaworld Sleepovers include

  • Six venues for a sleepover:
    Beluga Whale
    Manta Aquarium
    Coral Reef at Shark Encounter
    Rescue Center (manatees and sea turtles

  • Interactive projects that reinforce important concepts based on standards.
  • A conversation with a Zoological Animal Care Specialist.
  • A pizza dinner, an ice cream treat, and a continental breakfast the following morning.
  • Admission to SeaWorld the next day with access to all the shows and attractions.

School Outreach Program

School Outreach Program
Image: Flamingoedutours.com

It comes under SeaWorld educational programs especially designed to bring science and conservation to life in the classroom.

The program provides students with an interactive, hands-on experience with SeaWorld animal experts, educators and trainers.

Live video call is also available for classrooms across the nation.

Programs for Teachers

Programs for Teachers
Image: Seaworld.com

Camps and Education SeaWorld Orlando, Florida, offers various programs for teachers, from a study fun card to workshops to environmental excellence awards.

Programs Offered

  • Teacher Workshop
  • Free Florida Teacher Card
  • Environmental Excellence Awards

Youth Programs

Youth Programs
Image: Seaworld.com

SeaWorld Youth Program offers unforgettable animal encounters, one-of-a-kind shows and thrill rides with youth group admission tickets.

Programs Offered 

  • GradTastic at SeaWorld
  • SoundWaves is back at SeaWorld Orlando
  • Youth Group Tickets
  • Educational Programs

For additional information regarding curriculum, animal data, and more, please click on the provided link.

Featured Image: SeaWorld.com

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