Best SeaWorld Orlando Tips for 2024

Are you excited about a World-class marine theme park trip and need insider tips for SeaWorld Orlando to make it more special? You’ve landed on the right page! 

Maximize your trip with these SeaWorld Orlando tips and tricks for a more enjoyable time.

1. Tickets Booking Tips

Tickets Booking Tips
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Arriving early to wait in long lines at the ticket counter to buy tickets means wasting time.

Book your tickets online and save your valuable time and money.

The best part! Children aged under three years require no ticket.

2. Pro Tips to Beat the Crowd

Arriving early at the park is best to avoid long lines and crowds. This way, you can experience some popular attractions before crowds arrive.

For shows, it’s better to arrive at least a few minutes early before it starts and 30 minutes beforehand on peak days. 

This will ensure your seat; you can also choose a specific seat, especially if you want to soak at Orca Encounter.

Check the park’s opening hours and schedule before visiting so you don’t miss any of the shows or attractions you are interested in.

3. Download the SeaWorld app

Download the SeaWorld app
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The SeaWorld app provides factual information on wait times, show schedules, and park maps. 

You can also use the app to purchase tickets, reserve dining experiences, and skip the line for attractions. 

4. Apparel Tips 

You’ll walk a lot at SeaWorld Orlando, so wearing comfortable clothing and footwear is important. 

Also, bring a hat and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun. 

Bring a shawl or sweater: The temperature outside might be hot, but animal exhibits like Wild Arctic, Antarctica, and aquariums can get chilly.

Quick Dry Clothes: SeaWorld offers water rides and shows where you may get wet. Bring rain gear or wear quick-dry clothes, especially for kids. 

Pack a small towel to avoid using paper towels or hand dryers. Full-body dryers are also available at the exits for a fee.

5. Ride the Journey of Atlantis’ first

As Journey to Atlantis is one of the popular rides, it tends to have long lines.

The lines start forming even before its opening time, so starting with Atlantis can help you plan your day.

6. Carry a sunscreen 

The Florida sun can be intense, and you’ll likely spend much time outdoors at the park. 

Applying sunscreen with an SPF of 30 at least 15 minutes before sun exposure and reapplying every two hours or after getting wet is important to protect your skin.

Bringing your sunscreen can save money and protect you from harmful UV rays.

7. Know Your Transportation Options

Parking your vehicle at SeaWorld will cost $30 per day.

So check if your resort offers a complimentary or low-cost shuttle to save on parking costs.

Many hotels in the area offer transportation to the parks for about $5. 

Insider tip: Buying SeaWorld Orlando’s unlimited visits with parking can save both time and money.

This package comes with free parking, which means you won’t have to pay each time you visit.

Or, if you are driving, you can take advantage of SeaWorld driving directions to find the most suitable route.

8. Buy All Day Dining Deal

The SeaWorld All Day Dining Deal may seem a bit costly, but it is worth it for it saves you money in the end.

You can enjoy a full meal without waiting in booking lines, simply walk up to the restaurant and have a yummy meal. 

The food is hot, fresh, and served in generous portions. 

9. Visit Sesame Street Land before the Afternoon

Imagine arriving at Sesame Street Land in SeaWorld Orlando with your little ones.   

You want to try Emo’s Choo Train and Abby’d Flower Tower, but the long lines and hot pavement make it difficult.

But by arriving early, you can beat the crowds, and your little ones can ride their favorite ride. 

The crowd will peak in the afternoon, and the unshaded pavement will make the day even hotter. So, arrive early and enjoy the magic of Sesame Street Land.

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