Aquatica Orlando VS SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando parks are perfect for thrill seekers and animal lovers worldwide.

SeaWorld Orlando parks, consisting of SeaWorld, Aquatica and Discovery Cove, invite you to explore a world beneath the waves. 

Dive into a unique aqua-adventure with thrilling rides that leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

With 21.9 million guests last year, visitors of all ages can immerse themselves in an open-air adventure at SeaWorld parks.

It takes the perfect ticket to determine SeaWorld vs. Aquatica, which is better.

SeaWorld Orlando

With an estimated 464000 million visitors in 2021, SeaWorld Orlando was the country’s tenth most popular theme park.

Being the globe’s largest marine animal rescue organization, animal rehabilitation and rescue has been central to SeaWorld since its opening. 

It offers various animal exhibitions and shows featuring several marine animal habitats, including killer whales and dolphins, allowing you to learn about these animals and their habitats.

The main attraction at the park is the live shows starring trained dolphins, whales, seals, and other sea creatures. 

Along with animal exhibits, it offers various attractions like water rides and roller coasters

One of them is Mako – an exhilarating coaster that swoops and dives through the air at speeds up to 73 mph. 

You can also take part in various animal encounters like touching and feeding.

Admission ticket and Multi-Park Pass will take you to SeaWorld Orlando’s famous park.

SeaWorld Orlando Photos

Aquatica Orlando 

Aquatica is one of the sister parks of SeaWorld and is right next to the SeaWorld park.

It is a tropical-themed water park with wave pools, water rides and water-based attractions.

As you enter the park, the sound of rushing water and colorful water slides will greet you from above.

Aquatica Orlando is the perfect place to cool off, have fun with thrilling water slides, lazy rivers, wave pools, and relaxing on tranquil beaches.

And if you need a break from the sun and splashes, there are many shady spots throughout the park. It’s all waiting for you at Aquatica.

Book the SeaWorld Aquatica admission ticket or  Multi-Park Pass and find out which is more exciting.


Which SeaWorld is better?

SeaWorld Orlando offers more rides for adults than other locations, particularly if you’re looking for thrill coasters and big rides.

Can SeaWorld and Aquatica be done in one day?

While you can visit both parks in one day, it can be exhausting and require more time to fully enjoy everything each park offers. 

It’s best to do a full day in each park. If you are planning to experience both, it’s better to buy a multi-day ticket which gives you access to both parks with exciting options. 

Which is better, Aquatica or SeaWorld?

If you prefer staying in and out of the sun and water in a bathing suit, consider visiting Aquatica.  

If you want various entertainment like rides and shows and occasionally get wet, SeaWorld is the place for you.

Is Aquatica next to SeaWorld?

Aquatica is part of the larger SeaWorld complex; however, the park is located next door and has a separate entrance.

It is next to SeaWorld Orlando. The two parks are only about 10 minutes away by car, making it easy to visit both parks on the same trip.

Does the SeaWorld Orlando ticket include Aquatica?

SeaWorld Orlando offers several tickets that provide access to the SeaWorld theme park and the Aquatica water park.

SeaWorld admission tickets allow you to add admission to Aquatica for an additional fee, providing entry to both parks. 

Alternatively, a multi-park pass grants you access to SeaWorld and Aquatica Orlando without additional fees.

Check out SeaWorld Orlando tickets for the best deals and buying options.

Featured Image: Orlandoweekly.com, Myvillakey.com

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